Geomembrane for luxury ponds in Geinberg

Pond sealing with slip resistant liner


Project name: Luxurious ponds Therme Geinberg
Project date: March – October 2012
Products: 7,000 m² AGRUFLEX PE-VLD smooth, 1.5 mm, 100 m² AGRULEX PE-VLD slip resistant liner

SONY DSCLuxurious pond with AGRUFLEX

At the beginning of 2012 an extraordinary project started in Geinberg. Around the area of the local thermal bath 2 new big ponds were built, each including 12 luxurious 5-star apartments. The excavation for the project lasted 3 weeks. Each of the holiday resorts has a separate access to the pond.

One of the tow pond areas can also be visited via the thermal bath. The water can be accessed via a wooden walkway and stairs. The bottom part of the access area includes the AGRUFLEX VLD-PE slip resistant liner.

SONY DSCAnother special Feature is that the temperature of the water can be adjusted to the respective season. During summer the pond can be cooled and during winter it will be heated. The deepest point of the pond is at 2.40m. Due the installation of numerous plants, the pond has a natural flair. Besides, the plants will clean the water in flat areas of the water in a natural way. The whole object will be put into service at the end of October 2012.

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