Geomembranes for water reservoir “Gsteng”

HDPE liner for geosynthetic project

csm_Steicherteich__www.meinbezirk.at__686df4d300Water reservoir after finishing (

Project date: Fall 2014
Location: St. Johann-Alpendorf (Austria)
Products: 22,400 m² HDPE Liner structured (MST HighGrip/MSB+), 2.5 mm – 7,000 m² HDPE Liner smooth, 2.5 mm – 659 m drainage pipes DA 160 (SDR 17) – 1,468 m PE pipes DA 160 (SDR 17)

Up to now small upstream water dispensers with a dimension of 50,000 m² were used for the 100 hectare snow area in Alpendorf. They consist of three small water reservoirs. In poor early winters a start to the season was only partly possible due to a very limited supply of passable ski routes. Therefore an economic hedging for the operator of the ski region and the tourist destination St. Johann-Alpendorf itself was not granted. An investment in the technology for the supply of artificial snow was essential.

csm_Speicherteich_St.JohannPongau2014_001_ae2ddfccd4The construction of the water reservoir “Gsteng”, which was filled with 175,000 m³ water, was successfully completed in fall 2014. In future this reservoir provides the basement for a powerful artificial snow production St. Johann/Pongau and also to assure the amenity of this location as winter sports center. The execution of the work under difficult conditions in the alpine area was carried out by the installation company IAT (Kärnten).

csm_Speicherteich_St.JohannPongau2014_009_c4be7ecbd4The AGRU MICRO SPIKE HighGrip liner, is a further development of the MST+/ MSB liner that has proven reliability over the last decade. The position of the spikes were relocated and optimized on the one side and a total new form was developed on the other side. It is a promising product with more than 20,000 spikes per square meter on each side.

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