FPP pond liners for natural swimming pool

Green AGRUFLEX liner close to nature


Project date: 2014/2015
Location: Grosskirchheim (Carinthia, Austria)
Products: 2,500 m² Agruflex FPP 1.5 mm green and 350 m² Agruflex FPP anti-slip green

Designer: Wagner & Weitlaner Wasserwerkstatt OG
Installer: IAT GmbH Weitensfeld
Earthwork: Mattuschka Gartengestaltung GmbH

csm_FPP_Pond_Liner_AT_EX_HR_01_038ad7d6b4In 2014 the starting signal for the new natural swimming pond near the sports and entertainment complex in the center of Grosskirchheim was given.

The municipality Grosskirchheim decided for a natural swimming pond, because they want to get rid of chemicals. This is not only a benefit for residents, but also the tourists coming here to experience the pure nature. To impart the awareness for a natural swimming pool the municipality of Grosskirchheim created information material for the citizens and organized trips to other natural swimming ponds.

csm_FPP_Pond_Liner_AT_EX_LR_09_7f5e7fddcaA natural pond provides also financial benefits for the community due to reduced maintenance costs. The most obvious feature is that the pond does not have to be emptyed during the winter.

In addition to the extensive lawns, a large wooden bridge which separates the swimmer from non swimmer parts, there are also deep areas for the brave users of the jump towers.

csm_FPP_Pond_Liner_AT_EX_LR_04_e2fff520a2The AGRUFLEX FPP pond liner was the first choice for this project because it is available in smooth and slip-resistant option in green colour. Thus, the AGRU pond liner integrates itselfes in the concept of a natural swimming pond very well.

This Upper Austrian product of high quality is very flexible, which ensures an optimal adjustment to the ground. The pond liner is available in many colours, which offers the possibility to adapt the pond to the needs of the project.

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