Asahi AV piping materials are products that have long history and are trusted yet full of fresh ideas and technology. Asahi AV piping material products began to be manufactured and sold in 1952 as PVC valve (Asahi AV Valve).

Since that time efforts toward quality improvement and quality enhancements were made and enable AOC to maintain its leading share. Further, by aggressively developing new products, plastic piping material technologies and making improvements to existing products, AOC has expanded into peripheral areas while meeting the requirements of customers.

Asahi AV piping materials made of plastic excel in heat resistance, cold resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance and abrasion resistance and are strong yet light and have been widely used as components supporting the foundations of plumbing facilities and have become indispensable in factories, buildings, water and sewage (underground), agricultural irrigation equipment, fish farming facilities, amusement facilities and the like.

AOC as the leading manufacturer offer multiple product lines of differing materials and sizes within one product series and are equipped to respond to specialized orders able to meet any piping material needs.


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