NOVA SIRIA is a leader in tailor-made products. NOVA SIRIA production is the most technologically and quality advanced the market can offer today: reliability, versatility and fast delivery in case of emergency have assured worldwide affirmation of our products.


The immediate availability of all their products and the wide production range allows Nova Siria to deal with any construction need in the fields of construction and maintenance of delivery piping systems for water, gas, oil and pressure pipelines in general.


Three elements represent NOVA SIRIA's winning tools and made it the unique company of the sector it is today and leader in design and manufacture of "tailor-made" products:

direct contact with management and technical designers; analysis and development procedures, feasibility studies, design and production "just in time", which are necessary to solve the major emergencies in the fastest possible time; "tailor-made" production, which allows to optimize and solve any technical or installation problems.


NOVA SIRIA's production is able to satisfy any technical, design and installation requirements through field-proven solutions all over the world, allowing to respond and solve any type of dimensional, performance and installation problems.


The very high quality standards of mechanical manufacturing processes, the final inspection, the use of technologically advanced materials, in particular, anti-corrosion linings, assure the highest reliability of NOVA SIRIA's products at the hardest conditions of employment.


Nova Siria manufacture wide tolerance couplings of medium to large diameters (ND 300 to over ND 4000) on demand. They have enacted a project of flexible production capable of facing any need in case of emergency intervention on pipelines of any material and external diameter. Nova Siria make special couplings and components on demand, adapting and modifying our standards in order to satisfy any specific need, both in the designing and in the installation stage.


NOVA SIRIA was certified ISO 9001/2008 (VISION 2000) in 2006 and ISO 14001:2004 in 2012.

NOVA SIRIA is member of the UNIONE INDUSTRIALE DI TORINO and AMMA since 1933.