​Hawle Austria Group is now a manufacturer and distributor of top-quality heavy-duty valves. These products have been manufactured for generations and are used all over the world from the source right through to the connection in the house.


With an extensive range of isolation, distribution and control valves, as well as pipe connections and fittings for drinking water and wastewater systems, Hawle plays a major part in ensuring a reliable water supply. We are deeply committed to finding the best solutions for our customers and meeting the highest quality demands. This quality commitment stretches all the way back to the pioneer Engelbert Hawle, whose passion for inventing and refining can still be seen in Hawle today.


​Hawle takes its responsibility seriously and sets high standards for all its corporate processes. As a founding member of the “Quality Assurance Association for Heavy-Duty Corrosion Protection” (Gütegemeinschaft Schwerer Korrosionsschutz, GSK), Hawle has its own process approval procedures at all its production sites. This means that it can guarantee consistently high quality worldwide.


Hawle quality guarantee

Our products are used in water infrastructure, which is why we hold our products to the highest standards of quality and longevity. Our goal is to ensure that our customers – the people responsible for the water supply – are happy. For thisreason, Hawle guarantees that its products will work perfectly for many years.

Hawle is especially committed to improving sustainability. All its processes and procedures have met the standards of the ISO 9001 quality management system since 1995. Hawle acts responsibility by improving its environmental performance and reducing its energy consumption. These measures are essential parts of our company policy. We have also used the ISO 14001 environmental management system since 2012 and the ISO 50001 energy management system since 2016. In order to improve customer satisfaction even further, we examine and evaluate the requirements set out in these standards on an ongoing basis, both internally and through external organizations.