Renovation of the old swimming pool in Steyr

RELAX pool liner protects old swimming pool


Location: Steyr, Austria
Project Date: 2013
Products: RELAX VK grey, RELAX slip-resistant white, coated plate light blue


The oldest public lido for workers in Europe was initially provided by Josef Werndl. He made the pool available for his workers at the Steyr Daimler Puch AG. In 1999, the lido was sold to a non-profit organisation for a symbolic Schilling (old Austrian currency) by Frank Stronach. The lido has been renovated in several stages since the big flood in 2002. To finish off the renovation work, the pool was lined with the RELAX pool liner in 2013.


The pool was not in a very good general condition. Makeshift sealing of the cracks in the concrete with bitumen was common practise, but had limited success. As a consequence, a lot of water seeped away and therefore it was decided to use AGRU pool liners for the renovation.

csm_Schwimmschule-1_bearb_74e3a7df4dRenovation with AGRU RELAX pool liners

At first, the ground was cleared of major contamination and loose parts. Subsequently, big cracks were ground down and filled. Afterwards, the decision was made to also install a protective geotextile between the geomembrane and the concrete.

The renovation of the swimming pool was undertaken by the company Mittermüller Schwimmbad-technik. They installed a grey RELAX liner in the deep pool area, as well as on the pool walls. In the area for non-swimmers several policy guidelines demanded anti-slip protection. Therefore, a white liner with a special anti-slip, pyramid-shape structure was used.

The laying of the RELAX swimming pool liner was successfully finished in April 2013. The lido was able to open as planned in May.

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