White AUSTROPLAN in the Netherlands

Medical healthcare centre roof sealed with Austroplan


Project Date: 2013
Location: Middleburg, Netherlands
Product: AUSTROPLAN FVK 1.2 mm, Promenade anti-skid, protective liner

The construction of a medical healthcare centre in Middelburg was realised by order of the foundation “Voor Ourderen” in Villingen. The company Van Aken Architecten in Eindhoven was responsible for the design, the Peters Construction group was responsible for the construction of the building. AUSTROPLAN roof liners from AGRU were used for the water-proofing of the flat roof. The liners were installed by the company “Lukasse Dakbedekkingen”.

Project execution

csm_5268_1_DSC_0056_bearb_dc9826df44The AUSTROPLAN roof liners were fastened mechanically. The AUSTROPLAN FVK was designed specifically for this purpose. This roof liner is characterized by high mechanical resistance as well as UV-resistance. Austroplan roof liners stand out because of their environmentally friendly production and installation, as no plasticizers and halogens are used.

What is so special about the roof of the healthcare centre is the use of AUSTROPLAN Promenade. This red protective liner is primarily used on flat roofs to mark designated paths for maintenance and inspection purposes. This is especially advantageous for flat roofs on factory halls or buildings where the roof needs to be accessible. Furthermore, the Promenade roof liner convinces with its special anti-skid surface

csm_5405_1_DSC_0020_bearb_28834b1c42After finishing the sealing of the roof with the FPO liner, the slip-proof protection liner was connected with the FPO roof liner underneath by using a hot-air welding machine. As a result, the roof liner was protected from mechanical damage. A specifically marked walkway with AUSTROPLAN Promenade roof liner is advantageous if there are only certain roof areas which can be walked on. This was the case with the healthcare centre, as the roof was used to install a big photovoltaic system, which made a marked path necessary.

By using AUSTROPLAN FPO and Promenade roof liners, the flat roof of the new centre was sealed perfectly. The protective liner Promenade was laid with care to mark inspection and maintenance paths, regarding to the requirements. The client was fully satisfied with the project realization. The project was finished at the end of 2013 and the medical care centre was put into operation shortly after.

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