AUSTROPLAN roof liners for supermarket in Wels

Convince with long life span and great weather resistance


Project date: July 2014
Location: Wels (Austria)
Product: 1,500 m² AUSTROPLAN FVK 1.8 mm

csm_IMG_2298_bearb_4825447885To seal the roof of a new supermarket in Wels (Austria) AUSTROPLAN roof liners were used. For this project, prefabricated roof elements were used. These roof elements have manifold advantages. They are already fitted with the roof liners at the production site. Therefore, the elements only have to be connected with the supporting structure at the work site, and the roof liners on the elements have to be welded together. This saves a lot of time, and is therefore also a more cost-effective option. Also, work in the production hall is not dependent on weather conditions and can therefore be finished sooner.

AUSTROPLAN roof liner on the new Lidl supermarket in Wels
The AUSTROPLAN FVK 1.8 mm roof liners were already welded to the prefabricated roof elements at the production site, to speed up the installation process at the work site. The welding took place under optimal circumstances and no environmental influences whatsoever. Also, AUSTROPLAN roof liners are equipped with protective adhesive strips before the installation at the work site. This is to prevent possible damages and especially contaminations to the welding area of the roof liner. The protective strips are only removed from the roof liner just before welding, and therefore ensure perfect conditions for the welding process.

AUSTROPLAN roof liners convince because of their long life span, their resistance against micro-organisms and extreme weather conditions (e.g. hailstorms). They can be installed easily and safely and offer a system solution from one source only.

The Lidl branch in Wels will be opened in the next few days. The customer and the installation company were happy with the installation of the roof liner and the branch can therefore be opened without any delays.

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