Drainage liner for stadium in Slovakia

The new drainage liner


Project name: soccer statium Slovakia Šaľa
Project date: June 2011
Products: 7 300 m² AGRUDRAIN 400 D 130

Bildcode 512The innovation

In order to expand the range of geosynthetic products the new drainage liner was developed and launched on the market. The core is a three-dimensional extruded network of entangled polypropylene (PP). Depending on the requirements it can be produced with PP fleece on one or on both sides. These liners are delivered with a width of 2m and with different geotextile types.

Fields of application for drainage liners:

  • Measurement for erosion protection
  • Drainage of slopes and traffic areas
  • Drainage of basement walls
  • Water- and gas drainage
  • Roof gardens and green roofs

The pilot project

The construction of a stadium in Šala (Slovakia) was chosen as pilot project for the first production run of the drainage liners. AGRUDRAIN was installed on the finished subsoil of the playing field according to FIFA guide lines. The easy handling, low weight and the project related dimension of the rolls were perceived positively by our clients.

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