HDPE pipes & fittings in South Africa

Fire water main made out of HDPE products

In 2002 Sasol approached a company called Petzetakis Africa to supply HDPE pipe and fittings for the Fire water mains. It was decided that SDR11 pipe and moulded fittings would be used.
It was the decided that moulded fittings would be specified for the Job and that no fabricated fittings where allowed to be used. The size range was from 160-500mm pipe and fittings. The project was to be an ongoing project for about 30 years. Sasol soon found out that the 30yrs was going to take too long and stepped up the supply and installation to a period of 15 years.

AGRU Fittings we specified and have been supplied for the past 12 years without incident. Total value of fittings supplied for this contact is around R50 000 000. 00 over the years. The project will continue for a few more years as we are only on phase 3 of 5.

The main lines were 500mm SDR11 and have now been changed to 630mm and all off takes are now 500mm SDR 11.
Fittings supplied in SDR11 Tees, Bends 90 deg, bends 45 deg and we are currently looking to supply stubs and reducing Tees.

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