Mine-Line pipes for Kaolin works

Specially developed pipes by AGRU


Location: Hirschau, Germany
Project Date: 2014
Product: PE 100-RC Mine-Line-Rohr
Dimension: OD 250 SDR 7,4
Medium: Kaolin/water-mixture

During the construction of the raw earth processing works, the Amberg Kaolin Works decided to use Mine-Line pipes. Raw earth is dissolved during the process and its components, kaolin and the feldspar are transported through the pipelines.


Because of the abrasive nature of the solid / liquid – mixture Mine-Line pipes with abrasion-resistant inner layer were chosen. That specially developed inner layer significantly increases the service life of the PE 100 / PE 100-RC pipes and fittings. Therefore a higher cost-saving potential is possible due to the longer maintenance intervals and shorter downtimes of the transport lines.


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