Growing dimensions and increased requirements characterize this segment.

Here we face a special challenge. The increasing requirements of the global economy determine a considerable part of our developments – no two tasks are the same.

In particular, our technical knowledge is needed in the chemical industry to give the most table materials in every form and dimension. Low weight, long product life, inflammability behavior, electrical conductivity and UV resistance are the basic daily requirements. Here we offer custom-made solutions from process pipes to exhaust air.

Tank manufacturing also requires quality for the safe storage of substances, as well as the protection of the human and its environment.

First and foremost, the multitude in form, material and color of our SEMI Finished Products is appreciated in large scale tank manufacturing.

Product Solutions:

PE 100 & PE 100 RC
Agru Double Containment System
Semi-Finished Products / Assortment of materials for tank fabrication and tank lining
AgruSAFE Concrete Protection



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