Beadless welding technology

Due to increased requests from customers AGRU developed a beadless welding system, the SP 110-B. It is suitable for PVDF pipes, fittings and valves from dimensions OD 20 mm up to OD 63 mm (1/2” up to 2”)


  • Fully automated welding process
  • Smooth inner bore and outer surface
  • Smallest weld area required
  • Fully drainable piping system
  • Standard PVDF piping components can be welded
  • Complete welding documentation for easy validation

Application areas

The SP 110-B welding equipment enables beadless fusion with smooth inner bore and outer surface in the welding area. This welding technology is designed for the fusion of PVDF piping systems .

  • Pharmaceutical industry​
  • Biotech industry
  • Dialyses facilities
  • Hospitals and laboratories
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Dairy industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Semiconductor industry

Welding process

During the fully automated fusion process the temperature, pressure and time are accurately regulated and documented. This beadless welding technology offers highest quality joints with excellent reproducibility

Standard unit consists of

  • Electrical planer and heating elements
  • Clamp inserts with magnetic fixation
  • Balloon with internal line for easier centering
  • Label printer for traceability of the fusion joint
  • Integral air compressor
  • 230 V AC, 50Hz power supply